Monday, September 10, 2012

Ghosty Linky

I joined a really cute Linky Party this week. Our friends at Over at the Pond  made these cute little ghost graphics "Little Friendly Ghosts". Our job was to come up an activity using the ghosts. So in keeping with our theme about teaching beginning sounds, we decided to make a file folder/cookie sheet game using our alphabet pictures. This is our English version of the game. We are also working on a Spanish version that I will post here as soon as it is done. 

 Here is the front of the file folder game.
Here is the inside of the file folder game. 
And here are the pieces that go with the game. You get three sets of pieces. One set has the pictures that your student can use to practice their visual discrimination skills. The second set has the lower case letters to match to the pictures. And the other set has the capital letters to match to the pictures. 

Cookie Sheet Game

Instead of a file folder game, you can make 2 cookie sheet games. I wanted to have some really cute cookie sheets that matched the game. So I used spray paint to paint them purple and orange. (Make sure that the paint is for metal surfaces.)

Happy Halloween!!


Amy Grout said...

Hi Debby and Kim,
Could you please contact me via my email:

Deborah Patterson Kim Jungman Fails said...

Thanks Amy!!

Deirdre said...

I loved the spray painted cookie sheets. Nice way to make the game more permanent feeling. You can also have multiple laminated game boards, and then use magnets so they can be switched out.
-- Deirdre aka Evil Math Wizard

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