Saturday, June 2, 2012

Ideas for Using the Freebie Alphabet Chart

Get your free Spanish Alphabet Chart.

After we made the alphabet chart, we tried to think of some ways to have the students interact with  it and become familiar with the letters and the pictures. 

1. One idea that we came up with was to make a cookie sheet game. We have found that the students really like sticking things on cookie sheets. We  made two copies of the chart. One we made on regular paper and the other copy on cardstock. We laminated both copies. The reason that we made the one on regular paper is so that it would be less thick and the magnets would stick to the cookie sheet through the paper. We put the regular copy onto the cookie sheet and covered it with clear Contac paper. We laminated it first just in case we made a mistake or got a wrinkle when covering it with the Contac paper.  Laminated paper will not tear if you have to remove the Contac paper. We then cut apart the second copy and attached magnets on the backs of the pieces. This makes a really good center activity at the beginning of the year when many of the young ones need visual discrimination practice. Matching the pictures is fun for them as well as practice for visual discrimination. 

2.  As a small group activity, give each student a copy of the alphabet chart. Cut a square the size of the letter boxes in the middle of a piece of sentence strip. I used one of the pieces from the cookie sheet game to measure. 
     a.  Call out letters and have the students find the    correct letter on the chart. 
     b.Call out a sound and have the students find the correct picture.  
     c. Using the stick pictures made in the activity below,  show them a letter and have them find it on the chart.

3. Another activity that we did using the alphabet chart was to cut up another chart and glue the pictures on craft sticks or tongue depressors. We have the students choose a stick and see if they can match it to the pictures on the bulletin board.

4. We also sent home two copies of the black and white chart so the students could practice doing the alphabet activities at home with the parents.

**Please post your ideas and comments letting us know how you would use the alphabet chart. 

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