Friday, July 20, 2012

Spanish Alphabet Letter Writing Box Freebie

I was shopping with my kids at the Dollar Tree (or Target) the other day when I found some pencil boxes in their "Back to School" area. I bought a couple and brought them home and made these really cute boxes to hold our Spanish Alphabet Writing Cards. You can download the labels here for free to make your own boxes. Just add a washable or dry erase marker and you have a cute little writing center for those early learners. We just added an English version here.


Jennifer @ Simply Kinder said...

What a great resource for your parents! This is the first year I will not be teaching ELL students (I have taught for 10 years!) I am a little scared... usually it's the opposite now huh!

Thanks for the idea... I am pinning to my ELL board!

Simply Kinder

Deborah Patterson Kim Jungman Fails said...

Jennifer, It is scary starting something new, but you will adjust. Have a great year!!
Kim and Debby

Anonymous said...
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