Thursday, July 5, 2012

Center Activities

After the first few days of school and after we have established some sort of a routine, we decided that it was time to introduce some more small group and center activities to the students. These center activities are available for purchase on our website. Just click on the picture and it will take you to our site. 

Tip: Instead of giving the students all the cards, we gave them five at a time. We started out using just the vowels.  
1. Flash cards- We made a matching set of flash cards to help the students become familiar with the letters. We made two sets. 

One set we put on the bulletin board so that they could be seen easily. We could not figure out a way to have a download of a poster sized chart so we used the flash cards to make our own. We gave the students pointers to touch and say the letters.  We used the second set to place in a center for the students to practice. 

2. Puzzles- All students love puzzles and it was easy to make a set with the alphabet letters. When designing the puzzles, we made them where they could be used in several different ways. At the beginning of the year, we had the students match the pictures as a way to practice their visual discrimination skills. Later, we had them match the picture to the small letter and the picture to the capital letter. Lastly, we had them match capital letter to small letter. 

3. Letter Match Cards- These are so cute and the students like using clothespins to match the letter to the picture. There are two sets. One set matches the capital letters and the other set matches small letters.

4. Guided Reading Mini Books- In our small group time, we used these little mini books to help students learn tracking and that the letters together make words. These are very simple and only have one word per page. After a few times reading the book together, it was placed in the reading center for the students to practice. We put in tongue depressors to use as pointers.
5. Spanish Alphabet Matching Cards-We used these cards like the game Concentration. There are 3 sets of cards. One has pictures, one has capital letters and the other one has lower case letters. There are three sets of backs also. 

Coming soon!
Spanish Alphabet Flip book
Check back soon!! 

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